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10% Jetlagged

August 20, 2008  Author: Anthony Pacheco Category: The Craft   1 Comment

Small Bunny Trouble update: About a thousand words and many edits, most consisted of grammatical and readability fixes. Right now a lot of people in Bunny Trouble are busy having sex. What else are you going to do on a cold rainy evening on the Washington Coast? I’ve been there and let me tell you, your choices are read a book or engage in lustful play. Usually there is alcohol involved, most likely coffee. Of course in the real world we are not being stalked by nefarious agenda fill…

I digress, for it is impolite to taunt my five potential readers about a book they cannot yet read.

In this blog post I write about talent and ability. Here’s a blog that is full of energy and makes my point. Mr. Kiser writes 900 words a day, six days a week. He calls it easy.

If you have the talent and the ability, it is easy. It is easy because Ken Kiser is a writer. He has already written one book, and cannot wait to write the other. It may take him years to get published, but is that really a concern?

If you have interest in writing check out his site. Not only does he have blog entries, but wallpapers and a forum. If you would like some niffty detail on world building, check out this category.


Comments on “10% Jetlagged

  1. Ken Kiser August 21, 2008 at 1:30 am

    Thanks for the nice comments. 🙂

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